Grand Council Meets 4/22/23

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The Grand Council met on April 22nd, 2023, at Heady Bar-B-Que in Republic, MO.

In attendance were the following Brothers:

Grand Chancellor Larry Caudle, PGC (Syracuse #437),
Grand Vice Chancellor Dan Wakefield, PGC (Fraternal #14),
Grand Prelate Dylan Callahan, PC (Damascus #445),
Grand Secretary Steve Glise, PGC, CDSC (Sicilian #39),
Grand Treasurer Randy Todd, PGC, SR (Sicilian #39),
Grand Master-at-Arms Casey Pemberton, PC, DDGC (Moniteau #446),
Grand Inner Guard
Troy Steinert, PC (Syracuse #437),
Grand Outer Guard
Jordan Brizendine, PC (Moniteau #446),
Grand Trustees and Law & Supervision Chairman Chuck Morris, PGC, SR (Sicilian #39),
as well as
District Deputy Grand Chancellor Patrick Hill, PGC (Syracuse #437),
Gary Benskin, PGC (Syracuse #437), and
Dale Roller, PGC (Syracuse #437).

Attending for the purpose of receiving the Grand Lodge Rank was
Gerald McCoy, PC (Syracuse #437).

The agenda included receiving reports from Grand Officers, committees, subordinate lodges, districts, etc., determining the location of the 2023 Grand Lodge Convention, and long-range planning.

Lunch was served after the meeting, and the next Grand Council meeting will be held the day before the GL Convention, October 12, 2023.  (Location and time TBA.)



by Grand Lodge of Missouri

Grand Domain of the Knights of Pythias for the states of Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas





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