Official Photo of Pythian Flag

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The Supreme Statutes have been updated to show a photograph of the design of the flag of the Order.  Quoting the statutes:

The standard or flag of the Order Knights of Pythias shall be composed of three colors of nylon on a field of white nylon with a total dimension measuring 36″ x 60″.  No fringe of any kind to be used as a border.  It will be double hemmed completely around the perimeter.  The top ribbon will be blue, measuring 6″ by 60″, the bottom ribbon will be red, likewise measuring 6″ by 60″.  It will be suspended on the end where a canvas header and brass grommets will be installed to fasten to the staff.  There will be a ribbon of yellow measuring 7-1/2″ by 24″ on each end.  This leaves a 24″ x 45″ field of white to proudly display the silk-screened or embroidered emblem which is a 12″ equilateral triangle, with four triangles described therein:  the three inner apex triangles to represent the colors of the order blue, yellow and red.  Within the upper left apex triangle shall be placed the letter “f” on a field of blue; within the upper right apex triangle shall be placed the letter “c” on a field of yellow (gold) and within the lower apex triangle shall be placed the letter “b” on a field of red, and within the center triangle the escutcheon of the order.  Pattern of this emblem shall be furnished by the office of supreme lodge to the grand lodges and lodges under the immediate control.   (order #602 12″ x 12″ emblem on white vinyl).  A scroll depicting the “Knights of Pythias” will be silk-screened or embroidered between the emblem and the blue ribbon on the top.  A scroll depicting “international” will be silk-screened or embroidered between the base of the emblem and the red ribbon at the bottom.   All lettering should not exceed one and one quarter inches in height.   An adequate hardwood staff should proudly display the standard or flag.





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